Interview on Culturplaza

Culturplaza, a Spanish magazine that covers Valencia, Alicante and Castell, just published an interview with Jesús López Baeza of SPIN Unit (in Spanish). In the interview, Jesús shares our experience in the use of social media data for urban and transportation planning.

In the case of Mediterranean cities – such as Valencia or Alicante – specific algorithms allow, for example, to study trends specific to certain social groups. By simply observing which places locals and tourists tweet, one gets two completely different pictures of the city.
If one wanted to implement a system to improve the efficiency of boarding and disembarking at cruise terminals and their connection to the city centre and the transport infrastructure (airport, station), Twitter can provide information on which routes passengers take, which places they visit, where they come from, and where they go. A shuttle bus line linking these points of interest would improve the efficiency of the flow of people.

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