Curated by SPIN Unit for the 3rd Tallinn Architecture Biennale

SPIN Unit is this year curator for TAB-Lab Research & Development exhibition – #tablab – with the ambition to initiate a collaboration process between universities, professionals and industries to work together for the production of installations and critical works.

Tallinn Architecture Biennale – #TAB15 – is an international architecture and planning forum organised by the Estonian Centre of Architecture. The Biennale continues the tradition of the Nordic-Baltic Architecture Triennale, which began in the 1990’s, in an updated and fresh form.

As venue of our exhibition we selected Kultuurikatel, a magnificent 20th century industrial building in Tallinn harbour also known for being Tarkovsky’s movie set of Stalker.

The exhibition was designed to explore what the new industrial revolution means for architecture and the built environment. TAB-Lab hosted a showcase of cutting edge designs and processes. Furthermore, it opened a forum for both creative and critical discussion on the social, political, economic and human dimensions of the current systemic transition.


Casagrande Laboratory

The installation at TAB is a contextual fragment of a modular, self-organized urban primary structure ”PARACITY”, which is originally designed for flooding and tsunami-risk areas in South-East Asia and slum restoration. The construction material in the primary structure is laminated wood for the beams and cross-laminated wood for the floors and structural walls.

paracity casagrande tallinn architecture biennale isntallation

The wood dimensions and structures are adjusted to meet the site-specific demands, such as earthquake performance, pollution and UV resistance, insects, salt etc. and Paracity don’t burn. The primary structure is a three dimensional platform for the local people to construct their homes, communities and gardens by themselves. In the end, Paracity will always look site-specific. Paracity is a fragment of the Third Generation City – the organic ruin of the industrial city, an organic machine. The Paracity organism can grow from punctual points in existing cities, performing urban acupuncture to the industrially built surrounding human environment.
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Exhibition images