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A selfie by the factory

A selfie by the factory: What do a million photographs from monotowns say?

The Center for Urban Anthropology at KB Strelka analysed the quality of life in 32 monotowns through 1.1 million photographs on social networks, content-analysis, and GIS. The studied cities included Miass, Kanash, Norilsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Kaspiysk. The main criteria for the evaluation of the quality of life included: availability (how and what streets people choose to walk on), activity (how people spend their time outside of their homes), and the development of cultural life. The research was conducted as part of KB Strelka’s urban development program launched together with The Foundation of the Single Development Institute in the Housing Sphere, and initiated by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending..

In order to figure out how selfies by local residents and photographs of sports fields can help architects make cities more comfortable, Strelka Magazine interviewed the Deputy Head of the Center for Urban Anthropology at KB Strelka, Daria Radchenko, Senior Analyst at KB Strelka, Andrey Perminov, and the head of the Spin Unit lab, Damiano Cerrone, who participated in the research process as well.

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