Green spaces accessibility metrics and planning guidelines in Moscow

Development of urban indices and analysis to improve urban standards for recreational areas in Moscow

The goal of this project was to develop methods and technologies to identify development potential for all recreational spaces in Moscow, and find potential for future development. The main outcome of our report was defining the main directions for policy makers to undertake improvements of recreational areas, evaluating and defining their respective potential.

We developed a method to highlight potential for improvement and thus propose new priorities for future developments. Our work has focused on analysing the demand and supply of recreational areas for the 12 million inhabitants of the City of Moscow with an extremely fine scale. We used spatial informations with unprecedented accuracy provided by Strelka KB and social media data that we collected, organised, and analysed to reveal the relationship between people, green areas, and their uses in space and time.

Project details

  • Client: Strelka KB
  • Date: July 2016
  • Outcomes: Report and data


  • Damiano Cerrone
  • Raul Kalvo
  • Panu Lehtovuori
  • Daniel Giovannini


  • No public data available
  • Property of Strelka KB