Urban Design London Tech Innovation Workshop

Workshop details

  • Part of our Tech Innovation Workshop for Urban Design London, 5 Sep. 2015
  • In cooperation with Nordkapp

Workshop outline

  • All around Europe, we are witnessing a large-scale renewal process of former industrial areas, very often located in the very centre of inhabited urban areas. The main challenges for many of these projects does not just involve architectural conservation and urban design, but also the creation from scratch of an environment for social and economic activities. In other words, creating new life in the city where there was none before.
  • Fifty new buildings, 2,000 new homes, and 20 new streets, on a surface of 67 acres, will host 45,000 people in a new multi-functional urban development in central London: these are the figures behind King’s Cross Railroad Yards and their project, designed to instil new urban life into a former industrial site. But how does this reflect onto our social life? How will the new development influence the surrounding areas? How popular and well-received is the new development, compared to its surroundings? Is the new development capable to benefit the surrounding areas? Are the 26 acres of public space going to be socially effective? What does the digital footprint of new urban developments look like?


  • How to use innovative methods to survey public space and spatio-temporal patterns.
  • How to use basic QGIS functionalities to generate maps out of open data and perform descriptive research analysis.
  • How to carry out simple but effective visual analysis of location-based social-media data, such as street-level pictures.