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Urban dynamics of Tallinn +8

metaLINN +8

Good urban life is one of the main targets for planners and developers today. As key characteristics of liveable, socially balanced and attractive neighbourhoods, vibrant and active spaces have become valuable social assets to grant economic success. They are no less than a key resource for urban development, directing, and sometimes initiating, both the location and type of new investments.

The realisation of a new detail plan activates the potentials of urban places and participated investments when it is capable to address contemporary challenges and urban trends.

For already a decade, digital connectivity is challenging the supremacy of physical space in explaining how people use and experience the city. Entirely new patterns of local, urban, and regional phenomena are emerging within the urban fabric. Successful and attractive urban spaces are no longer only those designed according to well-established guidelines and standards, but also ones which derive from human activities and bottom-up processes.

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