What we do

Cities are places of opportunity, innovation, and surprise. SPIN Unit explores the underlying spatial properties and social foundations that make these key urban qualities possible.

From urban analysis to planning guidelines, our practice focuses on fresh ideas and supporting major projects from the ground up. We tackle innovative approaches and gather creative talent, theorists, technicians, policymakers, and investors in order to get interesting projects off the ground and turn promising ideas into real-world opportunities. As an open laboratory to test new techniques and approaches, we develop pilot projects and collaborate with academic institution to speculate on the future of our cities. In addition, we provide seasonal workshops and intensive seminars.

Data services

SPIN Unit provides full-stack geospatial data services. These include development and deployment of data collection methods through sensors, social media, web and apps, statistical databases, census data, surveys, open data, and field research. Data analysis services are also provided, incorporating geospatial analysis concepts such as entropy, urban complexity, and space syntax.

Research & development

SPIN Unit focuses on the intersection of space, activities, and values. We argue for a fresh view on urban dynamics, a view that puts the activities on par with the traditional geospatial and topological description of urban space. We develop new custom theoretical and software tools that help architects, planners, and developers understand and influence the evolution of cities.

Consulting services

SPIN Unit offers consulting services that span the entire planning, design, implementation, and evaluation processes. Services include technical and methodological reports, intervention proposals, and data-based recommendations that integrate the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of urban planning.

Educational services

SPIN Unit has an extensive track record in delivering lectures, workshops, and master classes on themes ranging from metamorphology to urban planning, geospatial information systems, and geospatial data harvesting and analysis. SPIN Unit also takes part in public engagement events and outreach activities, to bring new concepts and techniques to academic institutions and the larger community.

Our clients

SPIN Unit provides innovative geospatial data and consulting services to a wide range of clients and partners, ranging from research and educational institutions to local government, architecture and planning organisations, and consulting firms.