About us

SPIN Unit has coalesced into an international network of academics and professionals by combining design, artistic, and technical practice. Born as an academic endeavour, it has built on the varied expertise of its members to find new and creative approaches to urban analytics and redefine the practices of urban design.


In order to tackle the complexity and dynamism of social and architectural urban features, we gathered a number of experienced experimenters and thinkers. By combining art and science, SPIN Unit supports a growing international network of academics, independent researchers, and professionals. The fluid, eclectic nature of SPIN Unit lends itself to providing a multifaceted outlook onto apparently monolithic issues in urban planning and social systems.


From urban analysis to planning guidelines, our practice focuses on fresh ideas and supporting major projects from the ground up. As the SPIN Unit members bring to the table different backgrounds and professional practices, SPIN Unit provides a meeting point for their common interests and an outlet for their concerted efforts in the field of urban studies – under the direction and coordination of scholars and experts. SPIN Unit is external to the market: the SPIN Unit environment is reserved for those collective projects in which we truly believe.


SPIN Unit aims to establish a positive feedback loop between intervention initiatives and planning input. Our work helps us understand what makes cities good, how to make them even better, and how to improve the effectiveness of new development plans. Through the use of our unique methods and digital tools, we can help create new opportunities, foster new quality practices, and envision new tangible spaces and innovative improvements of existing ones.

Core members

Associate members

Dr. Lesley Thornton-Cronin

Academic Consultant

Helen Pau


Dr. Michiru Nagatsu


Dr. Luca D'Acci


Christiane Bürklein


Dr. Georgiana Varna



Raul Kalvo


Dr. Jacob Dibble

1=2 Urban Design

Nordic Urbanism Oy

Former members

Dr. Daniel Giovannini

Research Manager

Collaborators and Research Assistants, 2017

  • Herbert Natta, Anthropologist
  • Kaisa Lindström, Architecture Student
  • Nikolay Rudenko Undergraduate Student
  • Giulio Pascucci, Architecture Student
  • Maria Valese, Architecture Student
  • Irene Cotroneo, Architecture Student
  • Sami Maaizate, Architecture Student
  • Francesco Betta, Architecture Student
  • Sophie Gleizes, Social Scientist
  • Jarkko Salminen, Architecture Student
  • Roni Rinne, Architecture Student
  • Teresa Ruffino, Undergraduate Student
  • Ilaria Pierdicca, Architecture Student
  • Alina Kontareva, Undergraduate Student
  • Kari Kitola, Architecture Student
  • Jaakko Muikku, Architecture Student
  • Taivo Lints, Scientist
  • Triin Pitsi, Urbanist
  • Anni Kauhanen, Architecture Student
  • Zon Sutjarit, Social Scientist
  • Taneli Karjalainen, Architecture Student
  • Natalia Batrakova, Undergraduate Student