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SPIN Unit is an urban agency established to map and mediate change.

An academic spin-off founded by urban planners and architects, powered by our network of researchers

The instruments and norms used to shape our cities are not designed for fast-paced social and technological change. We are increasingly required to make positive change for people and businesses to thrive in the very short term.

In 2021, most of the communication and production technologies that came to fruition in the early 2000 were adopted all the once, disrupting the space, activities and the values of our cities. This transformation is generating a new economy relying even more on intangible capitals. To thrive, our local communities will need increased social interactions and cultivate their cultural capital.

SPIN Unit was established from a network of academics to map change and provide knowledge for place leaders to increase the values of their projects and actions. We provide the instruments to mediate urban and environmental transitions. Our agenda is to relink fast-paced societal change with the slower evolution of cities, their infrastructures and norms. We achieve that through the the process of bringing academic knowledge into practice.

We established a 3-stage-model to knowledge production. We start from data to generate insights. The results are debated through engagement with stakeholders to generate hindsights. Eventually we use our expertise and experience to propose impactful solutions to increase social and economic values of our communities.